CHARLES GRAHAM - Elton John gig a real coup

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WOW what a coup for Leigh - Sir Elton John is to perform at the Sports Village!

As my main story bangs on about good times for Wigan town centre, this news is a timely reminder of better fortunes for Leigh too.

When I first arrived in the borough at the start of the 1990s it wasn’t long before I was informed of quite an intense rivalry between Wigan and Leigh and how some citizens of the latter often felt neglected.

If ever there were any ambitious projects in the wind (Robin Park to name but one at the time) or grants up for grabs, it tended to be the western end of the borough that won out, or so it seemed.

But I would like to think that if there was discrimination, great strides have been made towards counter-balancing it in recent years, not least through the creation of the excellent Leigh Sports Village.

Opened by the Queen, it this week hosted a Rugby League World Cup match (managing to attract 10,500 fans on a wet Bonfire Night) and is now set to host one of the world’s great rock legends.

And long may its successes continue.

With apologies to local lads The Verve, Elton’s gig must go down as the borough’s highest-profile musical event since The Rolling Stones played Wigan half a century ago.

I would imagine that tickets will sell out in no time.

What a feather in Leigh’s cap.