CHARLES GRAHAM - Expenses hike’s bad example

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MP expenses are set to soar by a massive £47m this year after a relaxation of the rules.

Add salaries to what is predicted to be claimed, and just 650 elected members sitting in the House of Commons will be costing £164.7m to do their jobs.

That is a heck of a lot of a money in anyone’s world of definitions (with the possible exception of The City and Premier League footballers).

It doesn’t exactly well place our MPs to lecture the rest of us on austerity and bankers on cutting their bonuses either.

In the real world most people are either facing unemployment or having to be grateful that they have still got a job even though they have endured a pay cut or freeze. The latest figures saw a scary 589 names added to Wigan’s jobless total last month.

And who is it that is going to be footing the newly inflated bill for services rendered? Yes, the great British taxpayer.

After all the scandals and outrage surrounding MPs in recent years, you would have thought lessons would have been learnt. I thought politicians were supposed to have their fingers on the public pulse and be arch-diplomats. We’re all in it together, indeed!