CHARLES GRAHAM - Give Egypt a chance for bright new start

THE eyes of the world are back on Egypt after the democratic will of its people held sway.

For several days many citizens along with international observers were really beginning to think that the army wasn’t going to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to win, despite the exit polls suggesting they had polled by far the most votes.

And indeed military leaders still appear to have reserved themselves the right to stage some kind of coup if the country does not now evolve to their liking after accepting the result.

Not quite the smooth transition we had been hoping for, and there are also fears in some quarters (most notably Israel) that the fact that an Islamic party is now in charge of a former secular state and re-opening channels with Iran will heighten tensions.

But the world has to give Mohammed Morsi’s administration a chance. A moderate and successful Islamic regime which doesn’t endlessly spout bile against all things Western while exercising influence with more extreme states should do far more good than harm.

The newly elected party has plenty of reasons not to distance itself from the West in any case, several of them financial.

But we all recognise the importance of this new chapter’s success as far as setting an encouraging benchmark to the people and politicians of other former or current dictatorships.