CHARLES GRAHAM - Hackneyed fiddles are off-key

ONCE I noticed just how often the Hairy Bikers say “look at that” it has continued to bug me ever since.

Repetitious things have always annoyed me, whether it’s politicians trotting out the same old cliches or endlessly recycled soap plots.

The latest TV bugbear to cross my low tolerance threshold and has me reaching for the remote is something that perhaps many of you haven’t spotted (yet).

But it came to my notice a while ago just how often documentary soundtracks are now using the same sort of tentative plucked string music.

Once or twice, it is quite effective, being deployed when some contestant or feature subject is in a bit of a non-threatening kerfuffle, whether it’s an anxious dad pacing the maternity ward or cooks getting themselves in knots on The Great British Bake-Off.

But talk about flogging an idea to death. This blasted type of tiptoe-ing background score is endemic now.

This brainless lack of production originality really now gets on my wick. It’s like early 1990s TV show theme tunes (especially daytime ones) which always seemed to use a squealing saxophone.

Give us something new for the ears, please!