CHARLES GRAHAM - Innocent life destroyed

Thusha Kamaleswaran
Thusha Kamaleswaran

GANG culture is so ingrained in some people’s lifestyles that they live, breathe and die for it.

Nothing else matters other than rivalry with “the other side” - usually folk they would probably get on with better than anyone else due to their having an equally warped, callous and violent outlook on life.

Wigan has its problems but we can be thankful that no such gang hostilities manifest themselves in the borough in the way they do in some of our inner cities. Rarely have I been so upset and disgusted at a news story than when I read this week about the gunning-down of five-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran (pictured) in her uncle’s south London shop.

I think it was seeing the grainy store CCTV film of the child unwittingly enjoying the final steps she will ever take in her life.

Moments after the footage was taken, members of a gang took refuge in the shop and their enemies tried to dispatch them by spraying bullets indiscriminately inside.

The intended victims calmly strode out after the hubbub died down, the attackers already having furiously pedalled away on their bikes.

What none of them cared for was the stricken little girl whose spinal column had been severed by one of the bullets.

It was touch and go whether she would live at all but now that she has been saved, she still faces the rest of her existence in a wheelchair.

Nathaniel Grant, Anthony McCalla and Kazeem Kolawole are now facing long prison terms for inflicting these crippling injuries after they were found unanimously guilty of causing Thusha grievous bodily harm.

The charge seems trivial in comparison to the life-changing injuries these scum inflicted on her. And yet my guess is that they have not a shred of care or remorse for their victim.

In their crazy, hate-filled gangsta world she will at best be termed collateral damage.

These savage animals should be locked up and the key thrown away