CHARLES GRAHAM - Jacko doc should have said ‘no’

Dr Conrad Murray
Dr Conrad Murray

MICHAEL Jackson was so big, rich and famous he almost always got what he wanted.

Whether it was a vast ranch, over-priced pieces of art randomly selected on shopping trips, a personal fun fair, children without partner relationship, white skin or a new nose, he got ‘em.

And while he didn’t strike me as a terrifying martinet (more spoilt child), it was probably in none of his staff’s career interests to deny him his wishes.

This surely had a bearing on Dr Conrad Murray’s inability to say no to Jacko’s cravings for prescription medicines.

And it was a warped patient-physician relationship that cost the singer his life.

Murray is now facing up to four years in jail for involuntary manslaughter and quite right too. Regardless of Jackson’s status, the doctor should have told it to him straight: that he was not going to fill him up, willy-nilly, with a whole chemistry set of substances, some forbidden for administration outside hospital.

Perhaps such a stand-off might have led to Murray’s dismissal and replacement in that lucrative role by someone more pliable.

But refuse he should have done for his patient’s sake. Failure to do so proved tragically fatal.