CHARLES GRAHAM - Jungle antics should be the end of MP

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IF I didn’t turn up to work for a month without telling bosses so I could appear on a TV reality show, then I could hardly be surprised, when I finally returned, to discover my desk cleared.

I don’t believe for one moment that Nadine Dorries is going to be able to preach the gospel of Conservatism over this series of I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

The programme’s editor will see to that, just as Lembit Opik and Sean Ryder’s long political debates did on the last series, apparently.

And yet Opik has been championing her cause, agreeing with her claim that she is reaching parts of the electorate that standing on a soapbox in her constituency would never reach.

Opik is an ex-politician himself of course but the difference between his and Dorries’s reality show experiences is that he was already an ex-MP when he went on it.

And without the ability to peddle politics, what electoral advantage will the maverick Tory gain? None, I would suggest, given the number of times viewers have already chosen her for a bush tucker trial.

Ill-advised publicity-seeking which has infuriated many of Dorries’s constituents as well as the Royal British Legion after giving back word on a Remembrance Day wreath-laying ceremony will be her political undoing.

Her party had little choice but to suspend her and I expect worse when she gets back from the jungle.