CHARLES GRAHAM - Keep Sunday at least a bit special

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I SEE nothing wrong in the Government’s plan to relax Sunday trading laws for the duration of the London Olympics and Paralympics.

Chancellor George Osborne was spot on in saying that it wouldn’t present the best of images to the millions of visitors to our shores during the Games if, on Sundays, they were confronted with “not open for business” signs as they walked our streets.

Considering how much the Olympiad is costing for a few weeks of top quality sport and several legacy venues down south in the aftermath, we ought to be milking this blue chip event for every penny.

However, rumours abound that the Government sees this tinkering with shop opening times as a way through to a permanent arrangement.

Apparently supporters of the idea think having Sunday opening hours the same as every other day of the week will boost the economy the year round.

But surely shops, under normal circumstances, are open long enough for everyone to be able to buy what they want as it is.

We cash-strapped shoppers only have so much money to spend.

And what about the poor store staff who have to work even longer hours?

Sunday as a special day has been heavily eroded already since the times when it was a religious day of rest. I see no reason in making it entirely indistinguishable from the rest of the week though.