CHARLES GRAHAM - No time for tattoo fad

I FIND myself at the back of a very long queue of columnists with a view - usually negative - on tattoos.

It’s hard to get away from them these days.

Many of the country’s most photographed celebrities, whether it be David Beckham or Cheryl Cole, appear to be accumulating body art at a quite considerable rate. Many of our cricketers seem to be sporting strange greeny-brown skin-tight sleeves beneath their short-sleeved whites, and loads of people think that sticking an indellible tribute to a loved one on their epidermis is a wonderful token of undying love.

Well, I just don’t like the look of them, I’m afraid. It’s a personal choice and they don’t do any harm, but I think that tattoos simply invariably disfigure.

Mind you, I’ve asked the rhetorical question before: “how do think you’ll feel about these permanent markings when you are a pensioner?” expecting a meek “I never thought of that.”

But then I hadn’t banked on Lady Steel. The wife of the former Liberal leader Lord David has gone and had a jaguar branded on her shoulder to mark her 70th birthday!

The grandmother of eight says she found the experience a “liberating” one.

Well, whatever turns you on. At that age I don’t suppose many people are going to see it in any case!