CHARLES GRAHAM - Old 007 looks good for another 50

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I HAVE yet to see the latest James Bond film.

It won’t be long before I do though because I hear it’s a cracker and, in any case, I’ve been a 007 nut ever since I saw You Only Live Twice on the TV as a child.

All 24 previous films (yes, including the spoof Casino Royale and unofficial Connery comeback Never Say Never Again) are on the shelf at home and I’m quite happy to watch the Lazenby and Dalton movies plus Moore’s weedier efforts alongside the near-universally acclaimed others from time to time.

The enthusiasm remains undimmed, especially as Daniel Craig has managed not only to perpetuate the world’s most lucrative movie franchise but enhance it. At 50 it shows no sign of flagging.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at Bond’s successful longevity. It is the perfect brand of big budget thriller which both male and female cinema-goers can revel in and, crucially has proved capable of moving with the times.

Skyfall is already being predicted to be one of the year’s box office hits, so Bond is also proving to be recession-proof.

In fact escapism, exoticism and excitement are just what a beleaguered planet needs at the moment.