CHARLES GRAHAM - One Euro-flop does not a career ruin

POOR old Englebert.

All that experience, charisma, fame, fortune and dreadful musical opposition, and still he only managed to come second last in the Eurovision Song Contest (several places behind the dreaded Jedward).

Mind you, you are surely on a hiding to nothing with anyone who really has an appreciation of good music no matter how you fare in this gaudy festival of retro naffness and political back-scratching.

One does wonder how many of the voters actually manage to set all national alliances and prejudices aside and adjudicate each piece and rendition on purely musical terms.

I’m not staking any great claim for Humperdinck’s song or performance, but from what I heard myself and canvassed from others, it was little better or worse than many of those which garnered hundreds of points.

There are reports that the veteran singer was very upset about the result but he shouldn’t be. He cemented himself in the musical hall of fame about 40 years ago while the Swedish winner of this contest will probably be forgotten within a few weeks.