CHARLES GRAHAM - One tires of waiting for one’s crown...

PRINCE Charles has given a remarkably candid interview which implies impatience at his not yet being king.

The heir apparent has been waiting for a crack at the crown for six decades now and judging by comments made on his official website he thinks that that is quite long enough.

While there has been much speculation over the years that the Prince of Wales would be far happier in his current subsidiary role for life because the conventions of the top job would force him to curb his outspokenness, the latest utterances would suggest he is ready to take on the Royal mantle after all.

In fact the 64-year-old says that the wait to be king (the longest in British history) is “burdensome” and he added: “Impatient? Me? What a thing to suggest. Yes of course I am. I’ll have run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it if I am not careful.”

One does have to sympathise in a way. After all most people of Prince Charles’s age are now contemplating retirement, yet he has yet to face the ultimate challenge.

Given that his grandmother lived to 101 and mum, at the age of 86, appears to be in rude health, his wait could take him into his fifth score of years.

What he expects the Queen to do about this personal predicament, he doesn’t make clear!