CHARLES GRAHAM - Paul pre-furs a forties look

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WIGAN Athletic was hardly fending off potential new players during the January transfer window, many supporters will have been disappointed to learn.

But at least there was some cheer with the return of Paul Scharner.

Never a shrinking violet, the Austrian is one of football’s more colourful characters.

And no sooner was he unveiled as the Latics’ latest signing than he could be seen down at Asda sporting that famous old fur coat of his.

I heard a fashion expert once say that only Jimi Hendrix and Jon Pertwee really got away with wearing a frilly shirt.

Well the only other bloke I can think of other than Mr Scharner to looking comfortable in such hirsuit attire is 1940s Crazy Gang favourite Bud Flanagan.

Maybe our Paul can get new retro fashion trend going.