CHARLES GRAHAM: Plastic prophecies are being heeded

Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough

Venerable Sir David Attenborough has been a prophet of doom of late as he forecasts a series of global catastrophes of mankind’s doing.

He knows people heed him because of his great experience and the fact that he has no political or business axes to grind. And it was heartening to hear him say this week that he believes his message is starting to get through internationally on the perils of plastic waste.

We were all horrified to see his Blue Planet images of ocean life choking on and snared in flotsam and jetsam and, unlike global warming, there is no disputing who is to blame: namely us.

Plastic pollution is also an issue probably simpler to solve than trying to cool the planet down and Sir David was happy to observe quite a sea change, if you’ll pardon the pun, in attitudes.

Recycling and using alternative materials will have a positive impact and it was good also to see firms now using ocean plastics to make new products.

Our ecology won’t improve overnight but steps are being taken in the right direction.