CHARLES GRAHAM - Popular actor mourned

ONE of Britain’s best character actors was lost to us this week.

I hope screen historians won’t sum up Philip Madoc’s long and varied career as “that German submarine captain from the ‘Don’t tell him Pike’ episode of Dad’s Army” (as most obituary writers have this week) because he was worth a lot more than that.

My first memory of him, as a frightened five-year-old viewer, was as the nasty Huron warrior Magua in a BBC serialisation of The Last of the Mohicans.

For years afterwards, whenever he popped up on our screens, my dad and I would always refer to him as Magua.

He played more bad guys than good over the years but one of his meatiest roles, and my favourite, was as Det Chief Insp Noel Bain (beautifully natural and understated) in the Welsh detective drama A Mind to Kill which was regularly screened on Channel Five in the 1990s.

Madoc hadn’t been much on our screens of late but he has left a fine legacy.