CHARLES GRAHAM - Rangers disaster might be repeated

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SCOTTISH football isn’t something that occupies my sporting thoughts too often.

But it is currently wrestling with a crisis that is hard to ignore.

So great an impact will the relegation of Rangers to the third division be that it could do untold damage to the game north of the border. It also catches our eyes more than usual because no-one is under any illusion that Rangers are the last club who will find themselves in such straits because of financial mismanagement. In other words, who’s next?

I’ve always found it rather unfair on the fans for clubs to be docked 10 points for going into administration: after all what’s put a struggling business into an even greater financial mess than something that hits them in the pocket?

And so it is with the one half of Glasgow’s great sporting double act.

I can understand that the other SPL clubs didn’t want to be seen to be making a special case of Rangers, but in not allowing readmission to the top flight they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Scottish top flight football has suffered from being a two-horse race for decades, so how poor and predictable is it going to be when you take one of those horses away?

Maybe some clubs will be thinking that it improves their chances of winning the title. Well yes, but you have to beat the best opposition to do that and one of them will have been removed so what is the title worth?

Rangers and Celtic fans may hate each others’ guts but they will be lost without all those old firm derbies and so too will the sponsors and broadcasters.

I await with pessimistic interest to see what evolves over the months and seasons ahead and hope the same fate doesn’t befall English teams.