CHARLES GRAHAM - Reviled mum should keep low profile

KAREN Matthews, pictured, famously dubbed the most hated woman in Britain for her involvement in the kidnap of her own daughter, is out of jail.

Apparently she is getting a new name and trying to build a new life somewhere (having been warned to steer well clear of her home town of Dewsbury).

And yet, perversely, she has also let it be known that she would love to appear on the the Jeremy Kyle Show which, I would have thought, would rather get in the way of trying to start afresh.

But perhaps we haven’t even now seen the full depths of this woman’s stupidity and arrogance.

Having done what she did to daughter Sharon, I would have thought even the thickest-skinned felon, would want to crawl under the biggest stone possible rather than put themselves up for a grilling on British TV’s most tawdry Aunt Sally stall.

Maybe she’s even beneath contempt for the Jeremy Kyle Show’s consideration, but I can only guess she must be pitching to be on it for the money. She certainly won’t win any sympathy by appearing.