CHARLES GRAHAM - Rosey cheeks aren’t for me!

WHAT adults do to their bodies in the name of fashion is really no-one’s business but their own. Yet most folk can’t help having a view on tattoos, it seems. Me included.

Personally I can’t stand them. I don’t think they do anything to enhance the human body (quite the opposite in fact) - just like facial and body piercings.

But unlike the bits of ironmongery shoved through your features, you can’t just ditch tattoos once the novelty has worn off or fashions have changed. Their indelible nature is perhaps an attraction to some who get them though. Being branded for life with a loved one’s name is an ostentatious show of undying affection. And unquestionably there is great artistry to be found in the “best” tats. I still don’t get ’em though. I’d rather see stuff like that in a frame on a wall. There are plenty of other ways to show love or allegiance in more meaningful, practical ways.

And if the object is simply to become a walking canvas for a needle artist then I really, really hope that they are still enjoying the big dragon or floral arrangement (like Cheryl Cole’s latest monstrosity) when they are pushing 80.

But, like I say, it’s none of my business.