CHARLES GRAHAM - Rubbish process for food

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PERHAPS we’ve been spoilt and I’m carping about a return to the norm.

But having been coaxed into a routine of filling up the kitchen caddy with food waste for the last year, I rather resent the fact that the Council will soon cease giving us the biodegradable liners to assist this process.

I have got stuck into domestic recycling with zeal since the proliferation of bins began several years ago.

And so it is when peeling veg or disposing of left-overs: they all end up in the little grey box which always seems to be blocking a cupboard, oven or fridge door no matter where you put it on the floor.

When full, the bag is then carefully removed, tied up and taken outside to the green wheelie bin every day or two.

I thought that those rolls of bags we got with the caddies would continue to be part of the bin service forever - after all the are an integral part of the routine.

But no. Now we learn that we will be getting a card to attach to our green bins in the next few weeks in which we can re-order another year’s worth. After that, you’re on your own, mate.

Those who can’t afford to buy rolls in the shops will continue to get them free (which is something), but it is more the principle and the practicality for the rest of us.

Will this now involve carrying platesful of leftovers straight to the outside bin in the dark or rain. Or perhaps using non-biodegradable bags which then have to be scraped out into the green bins?

It all increases the inconvience of recycling. Just the opposite of what the authorities surely want to happen. But then again, when you shut down Frog Lane and Orrell tips and expect people in Orrell and Billinge to make 15-mile round trips to Kirkless with, the council has a track record in making recycling harder than it needs be.