CHARLES GRAHAM - Spare us these bedtime stories!

Tony Blaire and wife Cherie
Tony Blaire and wife Cherie
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CAN someone please stop the Blairs from talking publicly about their love lives?

You would have thought that a former PM and his top judge wife would have far more enlightening revelations to regale us with than their bedroom antics.

You would also have thought that after all these years in the public eye they would have a better idea of what we want and don’t want to hear. It’s bad enough trying to avoid Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s latest erotic admissions.

Cherie set the ball rolling by unnecessarily disclosing to the nation that son Leo was conceived during a stay at Balmoral because it was embarrassing to bring contraceptive “equipment” to the royal residence as staff unpacked her wash bag.

Then Tone recounted in his memoirs how he “devoured Cherie’s love” before he became Labour leader in 1994, helpfully adding: “I was an animal following my instinct.”

Thanks but it doesn’t bear thinking about. However, the other day Mrs B was at it again, this time giggling to a magazine that her husband “still excites me in all possible ways.”

One has to wonder what the world’s statesmen and women make of these confidences when dealing with the ex-PM on matters of international gravity; or indeed what seasoned felons in the dock make of the bewigged figure opposite.

It won’t enhance respect for them, that’s for sure.