CHARLES GRAHAM - Speed cameras save lives

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FOR years the Jeremy Clarksons of this world have been telling us of the pointlessness of speed cameras.

Bewilderingly there have been quite a lot of studies claiming to back up such a view too.

Folk just decelerate for the camera and then speed up again afterwards, you hear the claim.

That’s as may be, but cameras are put at points where accidents happen so if you have slowed up vehicles at that point then you have achieved your goal.

The efficacy of speed cameras has, of course been further obscured by the understandable antipathy folk have to being hit in the pocket for exceeding the limit, sometimes by only a few miles per hour.

And then there’s the old conspiracy theory that the only reason the cameras were put there in the first place was to generate money for the Treasury.

It’s all a ruse to fleece the public, d’you see?

There are quite a few of these infernal devices in Wigan and have been around for the last 15 years or so now. And as far as I am concerned they are doing a good job.

There’s one near where I live and daily I see it slowing traffic down to the authorised speed. And yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen it flash.

I was no happier to get stung by one than anyone else when I got done in Bradford (they’re real sticklers over there) several years ago.

But it’s a price you pay for ignoring the rules of the road.

And now, finally, we have some solid statistical evidence from the RAC that in fact accidents have been reduced, on average, by a massive 27 per cent at camera sites.

Don’t think how much revenue that has earned the authorities.

Think how many lives might have been saved.