CHARLES GRAHAM - Stamp of disapproval for postal cost hike

IN this era of terse and mangled English otherwise known as text-speak, the art of letter-writing has been fighting a losing battle for a long while now.

I must confess to getting out of the habit myself, not because of technological advances so much as losing the inclination to write at home when that comprises the main part of my work day too.

But I do make an effort, particularly when updating far-flung friends at Christmas and there is a satisfying pleasure to be taken on completion.

And it’s an even greater pleasure to receive a letter, especially as they are as rare as hen’s teeth.

But I fear there will be even fewer coming through the letter box in future after it was announced this week that the price of a first class stamp could be allowed by Ofcom to go up to no less than 60 pence.

That means the cost has more than doubled in the last six years. That’s an inflation rate even more rampant than that of petrol.

If this doesn’t put another nail in the coffin of not only letter-writing literacy but of demand for our once great postal service, I’d be very surprised.