Charles Graham - Still can’t get enough Cooper

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IT’S a long time since we said a shocked and sad farewell to Tommy Cooper.

And yet he would “only” just have turned 90 this year.

But, mercifully, we don’t ever have to wait very long before one of Britain’s best loved comics crops up again on our screens.

The sweating, shambling giant with the crumpled and bemused expression, the corny jokes, the tricks that went hilariously wrong (although we knew he could really do them) - it was a perfect package of one-man entertainment which ended all too soon on a London stage, on live television 27 years ago.

My favourite Cooper gags change as regularly as my moods, but they are all wonderfully silly and often quite surreal. Here are but a random few:

“I bought one of those new electric cars the other day. It was really cheap. It only cost me £15. Unfortunately the 500 miles of flex cost £10,000.”

“I went to the paper shop this morning but it had blown away.”

“ I went to the doctors the other day and I said, ‘have you got anything for wind?’ So he gave me a kite.”

“I went up into the attic and found a Stradivarius and a Rembrandt. Unfortunately Stradivarius was a terrible painter and Rembrandt made lousy violins.”

“I’ve always been unlucky. I had a rocking horse once, and it died.”