CHARLES GRAHAM: The Duke should have known better

The Duke of York Prince Andrew
The Duke of York Prince Andrew

There’s no hiding place for misbehaving royals these days.

Unquestionably plenty of Britain’s long-dead monarchs and their scions would have been thrown to the wolves for nefarious behind-the-throne activities had the gimlet eye of social media and a tabloid press been trained on them round the clock as is the case today.

But then again our modern-day royalty really ought by now to be more PA-savvy than the not so grand old Duke of York.

How he ever thought it would sit well with the public to associate with a convicted paedophile - no matter how valuable a business contact - really makes one wonder whether a cloistered, pampered lifestyle has created a figure that is either naive, a-moral, arrogant or all three.

We understand that he ignored press office advice not to give the now notorious interview which was intended to clear the air over the Epstein saga but has only served to damage his reputation further. What the Windsors can do with him from now on, Lord only knows.