CHARLES GRAHAM - The further dangers of arson

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WIGAN fire chiefs issued a stern warning this week about the many perils of arson.

Not just the obvious risks posed by deliberately setting fire to something but also the dangers of taking firefighters away from other emergencies.

An example was cited at the end of last week when crews were called to the Central Park rugby academy in Pemberton where someone, clearly soft under the cap, had decided how funny it would be to set a load of Astroturf ablaze.

For some idiots this is a form of entertainment. But not only did it mean that the firemen were needlessly put to work dousing the flames, it also meant they were then not able to attend a house fire where it had been reported that people were trapped inside as quickly as they could have.

It was with great relief that they finally arrived to discover that the victims had managed to get out of the burning building without assistance.

On another day it might have been different and the extra time taken to get to the house blaze could have been the difference between life and death.

If anyone knows who the imbecile who set fire to the artificial turf is, please let the police know. The long arm of the law is needed to make the arsonsists see sense.