CHARLES GRAHAM - Toasting food fest

Simon Rimmer
Simon Rimmer

ORGANISERS of this year’s Wigan Food and Drink Festival say it has been the best yet.

A tapas of fine dining, oceans of ales, celebrity chefs and a public with a real appetite for this sort of thing has ensured our annual event is becoming a real winner.

Anything that shows that Wiganers’ diets go beyond sloppy meat wrapped in pastry is good in itself. But it does much to promote the place in an unexpectedly interesting and positive way too, much in the same way the international jazz festival does.

And it proved a good idea to unite the Food Fest with the longer-running beer extravaganza to create one continuous epicurian celebration. Tales of pumps running dry and 18 out of 22 ticketed events selling out, this formula seems to be mutually beneficial.

Anything that brings visitors to the borough in their droves, so boosting the economy has to be good news. And it’s also nice to have an excuse to let your hair down and fill your bellies in grimmer times such as these.