CHARLES GRAHAM - Traffic nightmare at hotspot junction

FOR anyone trying to get from Kitt Green to Shevington on a regular basis, there was probably a horrible inevitability about the crash we featured in our paper the other day.

I don’t want to pre-empt any police investigation or apportion blame in any way.

But having been stuck at the end of Spring Road in the rush hour trying to turn right onto Gathurst Road more times than I care to remember, it comes as no surprise that there are crashes at that junction quite frequently.

In fact the car containing two teeanged girls which came off worse in a collision with an Orrell-bound (thankfully pupil-less) school bus was coming out of the Cambridge Road estate which runs parallel with Spring Road. But the problems are the same and the fact that two side roads are so close together only adds to the chaos.

You have vehicles coming at you from all sides in great number, sometimes at considerable speed, and whenever a gap appears to be emerging in the Shevington-bound traffic the last car before it always comes and stops across your bows to turn right onto Spring Road further preventing your emergence.

Sometimes larger vehicles get into this position and a well-meaning driver waves you out only for you to find a fast-moving line of traffic still whizzing towards Shevington, only obscured until the last moment by the awaiting bus or lorry.

You really do take your life in your hands coming out there. I reckon it’s even worse then trying to turn right onto Shevington Lane from Almond Brook Road near the hotel but I am sure those living in other parts of the borough will have tales of frustration and near misses to tell of their own.

Surely some part-time lights could help keep the traffic flowing better and fewer people having to take risks?