CHARLES GRAHAM - TV master is recognised

STEVEN Moffat is one of the hottest properties in television.

And with his award-winning take on Sherlock Holmes and the continued revival of Doctor Who on his CV, it is little wonder that he is so much in demand.

A renowned workaholic and perfectionist it will be interesting to see if he will have the time to accept the special achievement BAFTA he is to be presented with this weekend.

What I like about his work is that he manages to be a consumate entertainer while never dumbing down. In fact some of his Whovian plotlines from the latest series have had some older viewers baffled (although children seem not to have any such problems!).

Some may think he is a little on the young side to be getting special awards but I can’t see someone as industrious and creative as Moffat taking this as a retirement gift and he has already achieved more than many do in a lifetime.