CHARLES GRAHAM - Upper crust George right on pasty U-turn

IT takes guts to admit you are wrong.

I’ll win few friends round here for congratulating George Osborne on swallowing his pride and performing a pie tax U-turn.

But governments faced with making hefty cuts are bound to have to make some pretty unpopular decisions and in other circumstances just decide to press ahead regardless of the brickbats.

However, there was a particular outcry over Pastygate, not least because it probably hits working class people more than anyone and because it is so discriminatory in its definitions.

That said, logic and consistency are not always synonymous with tax rules.

Even on the issue of pies we have long had the arcane contradiction that a bakery could sell you an untaxed hot pie while the fish and chip shop next door is forced to flog you the exact same product with 20 per cent VAT slapped on top. Where’s the fairness in that?

Nevertheless economic experts have been increasingly rounding on the Chancellor for spending too much time on raising money and not enough by promoting enterprise. The trick of course is to do that without maxing out the nation’s credit card again. Rather him than me.