CHARLES GRAHAM - Vile sexual predators must never have chance to prey on children

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THE sheer scale of what Jimmy Savile did over more than half a century is now beginning to become clearer, although it is the way of such crimes, surely, that not all victims will be identified or forward.

So the 450 serious sex crimes, mainly against minors, could yet be the tip of an iceberg amid much soul-searching by the nation in general and the BBC in particular over the failure to stop this monster before he drew his final rancid breath.

But for me the thing that frightens me most is that there are quite a lot of other men out there who would commit just as vile offences in equal numbers if left unchecked and given such opportunity.

Our front page the other day named and shamed another loathsome creature: one Ian Hodkinson who groomed the mother of an 11-year-old girl so that he could be trusted to look after the youngster.

Then he made a “real life pornographic film” of the girl having sex with a 13-year-old accomplice of his and 41-year-old Hodkinson later raped the girl himself.

Heaven knows what the long-term effects on his victims will be.

We can only be glad that a successful prosecution and 15-year jail term will mean that he will at least, unlike Savile, be unable to continue a reign of sexual terror with impunity.