CHARLES GRAHAM - Weekly collections idea binned

WIGAN Council looks set to ignore calls from Communities secretary Eric Pickles to return to weekly bin collections.

Quite right too. I think the shake-up in dustbin rounds has been very successful locally.

It’s not like we only have one bin that is being emptied every fortnight rather than once every seven days.

Most if not all homes now have four large containers of various hues in which to dispose of domestic detritus and that really out to be enough for almost everyone unless they are not recycling properly (ie still dumping everything in the black bin destined for landfill).

All but the blue one for paper and card are emptied every two weeks which has been perfectly sufficient for this Wigan family of four.

The paper heard about a few teething problems during the introduction of this more complicated system, and when you are collecting from 100,000 homes a week there are bound to be a few minor glitches or oversights now and again.

But all these scare stories about rotting food attracting plagues of rats and cockroaches have just failed to be realised in these parts.

The biggest beef some residents may have is the sheer quantity of wheelie bins. All right if you have got space where you can discreetly stow them away for most of the time; rather more of an issue if you haven’t and are forced to have an unsightly array of waste containers lined up under your front window.

My disappointment at a lack of convenient recycling centres for a large number of Wiganers and their bulkier rubbish is undimmed.

But when the British and European authorities want us to recycle as much waste as possible, multiple bins a necessity. And in having so many, I see no reason why each of them needs to be emptied on a weekly basis.