CHARLES GRAHAM - Well, it’s up to you Rihanna

POP diva Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown for battering her and so has her dad.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” says Ronald Fenty of his daughter’s controversial partner.

Well good luck to her, that’s what I say. And I think a lot of other people will be saying the same thing and questioning the singer’s wisdom.

Whether or not this woman peppers her lyrics with masochistic references, she is taking a big risk by welcoming back a man who left her with disfiguring injuries in a domestic violence attack four years ago.

Those who have escaped from a domestic abuser - and relatives of those who tragically did not manage to do so in time - will top the list of fearing the worst for Miss Rihanna’s future.

I am sure we all hope her and her dad’s faith are rewarded.