CHARLES GRAHAM - Who will be the next Doctor Who?

AND so the search is on to find a new Time Lord to keep millions of viewers for Doctor Who’s second half-century of interplanetary travel.

To be perfectly honest this Whovian isn’t that bothered who gets the part.

My long experience of the show is that the producers and writers have far more influence over the show’s popularity and success than the actors who have all been very good. I risk some wrath by suggesting that giving the role to a woman might upset the traditional apple cart too much but, hey, who’s to say that too wouldn’t prove a masterstroke?

I think Matt Smith slipped, a relative unknown, into the demanding part with great ease. That his era has been hampered by over-elaborate plot lines and a dampening of the emotional (camp?) heft that singled out his predecessor David Tenant’s tenure, is no fault of his own. I’d be quite happy to see the hotly-tipped Rory Kinnear, son of Wigan-born comic actor Roy, take over the title role. He’s certainly got the acting credentials and his usually more studious approach to roles might prove just the anitdote to Smith’s impishness.

But really, none of us has a clue. Even Michael Jackson’s sci-fi-mad daughter has put herself in the frame.

When I think of all the people whose names have been in the running before previous hand-overs - David Warner, Alan Rickman, even Peter O’Toole for instance - it always turns out to be someone none of us had ever thought of. I’d like to bet the show is set to surprise us again before too long.