CHARLES GRAHAM - Whoop whoop for the Winter Olympics

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THE Winter Olympics get under way tomorrow and I for one can’t wait.

There always seems a much bigger gap between the winter games than the summer ones, perhaps because there is comparatively little coverage of Alpine sports inbetween.

No doubt there will be a big upsurge in folk taking Swiss holidays and visiting Manchester’s Chill Factore in the weeks to come as the country is briefly swept up in these weird, wonderful and often downright dangerous pursuits.

In fact I think the perils involved are often the most enthralling aspect.

Yes, there are risks to be taken in many sports, whether it be Formula One, horse-racing or rugby.

But stylishly flirting with death is a far more integral part of winter sports: high-speed downhill skiing, bobsleigh, luge, skeleton bob and ski jump all included.

It was good to have our appetites whetted by the recent celebrity winter sports show Jump.

But now let’s see how the experts really push things to the limit. It should be a thrill a minute.