CHARLES GRAHAM - Why no DVD of cricket World Cup?

The World Cup Final came down to this run-out by Jos Buttler
The World Cup Final came down to this run-out by Jos Buttler

Video killed the radio star, so the song goes. And live and recordable streaming is having a similarly detrimental effect on the digital versatile disc.

I like DVDs: permanent, physical copies of films, programmes or events never at risk of being wiped by a virus, lost on a tiny memory stick or to a technological upgrade.

The quality remains as good as the day I first watch them and are the best visual souvenir of such fanstastical and factual moments. Retro these discs may now be, but in decades time you’re much likelier to have those moments still to treasure in that format; much like a photo album might be a better keepsake (properly captioned) than snaps forever stored on a digital camera chip.

So you can see why I might be really miffed that, having waited 45 years for England to win cricket’s World Cup, there won’t be a souvenir DVD of the tournament in general and that most thrilling of finals in particular for the first time since the early 1980s.

To add insult to injury, a disc HAS been produced of the recent Rugby Union World Cup tournament which, I imagine, wouldn’t sell quite so well as England lost in the final of that one.