LUKE MARSDEN: Covid conspiracy theories are the real risk to escaping the pandemic

My friend texted me this week to let me know he’s booked his Covid jab.

Seize the opportunity to be inoculated
Seize the opportunity to be inoculated

I replied (in jest to be clear, before I’m cancelled!) “looking forward to enhanced phone signal soon”.

There has been a lot of talk about our neighbouring town of Bolton over the last week: the troubling rise of the Indian variant of the virus and the low uptake of vaccines in areas of the town. That, thankfully, looks to be changing, but having Googled some of the Covid conspiracy theories, I’m not surprised.

The internet can take you down a rabbit hole bigger than the one Alice went down.

Jabbing is our only way out of this mess. It may well be our only way out of the country if vaccine passports are introduced.


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As much as I love Wigan I don’t want to be trapped in it. The risk posed by not having the vaccine (especially in areas like Bolton at present) could be far higher than having it. Sitting down for too long, flying on a plane and even smoking can all cause blood clots and millions do these activities every day (or would like to!)

For legitimate medical reasons I do understand why some can’t or won’t have the jab. But for reasons such as “Boris will track my whereabouts” and “Bill Gates will know my inner thoughts” these are more dangerous ideas than the jab itself! Besides, many who are inclined to believe them are happy to have a house full of Amazon Alexas!

I was unlucky enough to have Covid at the start of the year so I’m hoping I still have some antibodies floating around to last me until I get my jab text summons. If you get the call, go get the jab, don’t worry about Bill Gates.

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