Comment - A change in house fortunes?

HOUSE prices are up on average by £1,000 from last month, and, for some, it may well serve as a cautious sign for optimism.

While the market is still volatile, it has come coupled with the news that mortgage lending is at a two-year high and, while it is still a long road to recovery, perhaps we are putting a bit more faith into the property business.

The simple fact is that in Wigan, like the rest of the country, we all need somewhere to live.

As the town slowly comes to terms with the recession and where it will go from here, perhaps just a few more of us are thinking of moving and this only helps stimulate the housing market.

For those people lucky enough to be in a situation to buy a house, mortgage deals are good, especially with interest rates looking like they will remain constant for some time yet.

Obviously it is still tough for first-time buyers, but Wigan’s estate agents say sales are good and the housing stock in Wigan suits all buyers.

All being well, the market may be on the up and everybody else with it.