COMMENT - A vote for jobs and growth?

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IS THE economic tide about to turn in Wigan?

Bill Ainscough’s HIMOR development company would certainly appear to think so with their bold and innovative homes and commercials scheme for Standish.

And with the jobless figures across the borough on the rise again, the confirmation of the long rumoured Barrowcroft project between Rectory Lane and up to and including the north of the Bradley Hall Trading Estate – as part of the council’s draft Core Strategy debate – comes at a strategically significant time.

For a start the size of the 500 homes plus local centre project will provide much needed employment for construction workers for at least a decade.

While the developers have come up with a eye-opening figures for the cash injection this could mean into wallets around the area.

Something to chew on for those already living there who then angrily bellow “Standish is Full.”