COMMENT - Another reason to give up smoking

GREAT, positive steps have been taken for the women’s cause over the last century.

But one of the prices that has been paid is that women have also picked up some of men’s bad habits.

Latest figures suggest that taking up smoking is a bigger female than male problem.

And alarming research from Europe suggests that women are far more susceptible from certain cancers – most notably that of the bowel – than men if they smoke.

In Wigan there has been a lot of progress in recent decades in helping people to quit and dissuading folk from developing a tobacco addiction in the first place.

But more people smoke in the borough than do the national average and there are still a lot of local dying from smoking-related illnesses.

These report findings should be of particular concern to female smokers but of course anyone who smokes is putting themselves at higher risk of heart and lung disease.

It is up to them whether the risk is worth taking.