COMMENT - Answer to all our theatrical prayers

IT HAS been endlessly lobbied and pleaded-for now for well over a quarter of a century.

And the demands have certainly become more urgent and pressing since the loss of The Mill at The Pier.

Now it is clear that a go-ahead Christian group has, if you will forgive us for a moment, come up with an answer to so many amateur thespians’ prayers.

Todays Community Church in the shadow of Wigan Pier, unusually for these times, clearly need to invest in more space to accommodate the size of congregations wanting to attend its services.

So they are now planning a 1,000 seat facility which will double as the kind of Performance Space this side of the borough has been singing out for, for so long.

It is certainly surprising that an area boasting sports facilities with the quality and scope of the DW Stadium, Wigan Pool and Leigh Sports Village, has for so long been unable to provide anything approaching an equivalent for the borough’s cultural scene.

Thankfully that is about to change.