COMMENT - Beating firework worries

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SOME dog owners can feel helpless when their pets are unable to settle on Bonfire Night.

The experience can be almost as traumatic for owners as it is for the dogs!

But at least now owners have a few handy hints to help keep their pooches calm amid the whizz and bang of fireworks displays outside.

The key seems to be meticulous preparation, and making sure you don’t reinforce firework fear – which will only make every loud bang even more uncomfortable for your dog.

Of course, every pet is different. Some will react to the loud bangs whereas others won’t be phased by them at all.

As a general rule though, taking your dog for a decent walk before it gets dark and following veterinary surgeon Guen Bradley’s tips should help keep your pet calm.

The tip about using YouTube clips of firework displays to help prepare puppies for the big night is a gem too.

Let’s hope the tips work for your dog too!