COMMENT - Belt battle

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GREEN Belt zones slap the brakes on land-hungry builders anxious to turn this land into a red brick and pleasant one.

They were introduced in 1935 because, even 70 years ago when Britain was considerably less crowded an island than it is today, given the chance, development companies would always choose pristine and virgin field rather than previously developed ‘brownfield’ areas.

Even as a location for rooms without a view ... such as the approaching 40 acres of anonymous looking warehouses and industrial starter units being proposed in outline for land north of M6 Junction 25 between Bryn and Winstanley.

It’s clear, although protesters won’t agree, that the council also values Green Belt.

But they must balance this key buffer zone between communities with their responsibility to seriously consider their job-creation priorities for the future.

And that is surely as important, just now, as it has ever been.