COMMENT - Booze adds pounds

AT this time of year we all try to eat a bit healthier and do a bit more exercise.

However, one area we do not always account for is the effects of alcohol.

Many of us manage to eat well and even get in some exercise but one thing many of us ignore is alcohol intake.

We tell ourselves that eating well and exercising is enough and that we deserve a drink for our efforts.

The problem is that while it is good to eat healthily and exercise, it is the alcohol which can cancel out this good work.

Beer and wine have as many if not more calories than junk food so it is important to take this into account.

One heavy session can double the recommended daily intake of calories for us yet adds no nutritional value.

So there is no point eating well all day and going to the gym to then ruin it with a session in the pub.

Think on before you drink a lot and factor it in to your health kick plans.

It is important to try and count the cost of it and make sure you ease back on the booze as well as junk food.