COMMENT - Can this tax ever really save cash?

THE more months pass by since the spring launch of the bedroom tax, the more questions are left begging and the less thought out the whole chaotic thing appears.

Clearly a reaction to the particularly chronic shortage of council housing space in the capital, it seems to have little relevance to large parts of the country.

And Wigan in particular.

It was also designed, of course, to save the Exchequer money by slashing housing benefit for those adjudged to be guilty of living in a home with a surplus of bedrooms.

Now it has been confirmed that Wigan and Leigh Housing, like a number of other neighbouring local authorities and housing association, are actively considering the possible demolition of some homes that, while structurally sound, are increasingly difficult to let because of their size.

Smaller easier to rent homes, which don’t attract the bedroom tax, will then be put up instead. Doesn’t much sound like a way to save money.