COMMENT - CCTV here to stay

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CLOSE circuit TV cameras provoke an opinion from most people when mentioned. Many people see them as a fantastic help to the authorities in their fight to keep the streets safe and solve crime. Others see them as an over-zealous invasion of privacy and a waste of public money.

There is surely a happy medium with many of these. It is a sad reflection of the times that so many are needed – some 745 in Wigan borough – especially given that some are in schools and other public buildings. However, they are vital in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour. The council inevitably spends a great deal of money on such a complex system, but the costs have reduced over the past two years but, that said, many believe that there are too many of them that watch your every move.

Whatever your view, it must be said that they are certainly here to stay as they have become a vital tool for the police, but as councils face cutbacks, it will be interesting to see how much of a priority they are.