COMMENT - Change to law is needed

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HOW many more people need to be hurt or killed by dogs before the law is changed?

It is nor surprise that hospitals have seen a rise in dog attacks and all over the country they have been a prominent news topic for the past few years.

As it stands the police seem not to have sufficient powers to act in dog attack cases and there a great deal of attacks that go unsolved because of this. There plans to review the dangerous dogs act and it is high time this happened. Stories such as that of Sonnie Harker-Greenall are all to common.

Ultimately people who own dogs need to be more responsible. In other countries, it is a legal requirement to own a dog that they are registered along with the owner on a government database and that all of them are micro chipped. This helps track down owners ins such situations and helps the authorities police dogs and their owners. Wouldn’t all responsible dog owners not agree to this if it was put forward in the UK?