Comment - Children need help to be slim

THE battle against the bulge in 10 and 11-year-old children in Wigan Borough needs a helping hand from parents.

Since it has been revealed that, at Year Six level, there is an increase in the amount of children who are obese, compared to those in Reception (aged four/five), it is time parents chipped in.

Dr Ardern quite rightly points out that the rise comes at a time where youngsters are beginning to make decisions for themselves. However, health professionals and schools can only do so much in terms of education. If the youngsters are then going home and stuffing themselves with junk food, what can the health service or the school do about it?

Good work is being done in the borough to combat this, but any rise in such an area is a cause for concern.

While it should not be blown out of proportion (after all, it is only 19.9 per cent of children aged 10/11 who are currently obese in the borough), it would do no harm for parents to look at what their children are eating at home, and how much physical activity they are doing. If they are suffering from health problems now, it will only go on to affect them in later life, and ultimately cost the taxpayer. Healthy children means more healthy adults in the long run.