COMMENT - Chip pans should be a thing of the past

THE fire service seem to have been in the news a great deal this week and although the fire strike was cancelled we are still dealing with avoidable fires.

Unfortunately we have already seen one resident of the borough die in afire over the past week and due to chip pans we could easily have seen more.

Fire chiefs are constantly reminding us of the importance of having smoke alarms.

There are still far too many people using chip pans and they are without doubt one of the most dangerous things we can have in our households.

Firefighters do not send out warnings for no reason and they are right in saying that in 2013 nobody should own a chip pan. There are not only far healthier ways to cook, but also far less dangerous methods and it is high time that everybody took on board this advice and binned their chip pan.

Our firefighters work tirelessly to try and educate us so please listen to them for your own sake.