COMMENT - CQC is there to help the hospital

WE all know how excellent the care we receive is in our hospitals in Wigan borough. The latest reports which resulted from inspections by the CQC at Wigan Infirmary are in place to ensure that improvements are always ongoing and the latest issues are not really cause for alarm.

The CQC exists to make sure our hospitals work to very high standards and implement good practice in all areas of healthcare.

WWL have reacted efficiently to the issues raised and there will be no doubt that by doing so the high standards they already work to are improved upon constantly.

The NHS like anything is always looking to improve and sometimes it can be little changes here and there which mean that things improve.

WWL have a long history of providing excellent healthcare in the borough and there is no reason to believe that won’t happen for many decades to come.

The CQC play a vital role in making sure of this and we should all be gald of all the organisations who care for us in Wigan.