Comment - Dangers of illegal hounds

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PARENTS and pet owners will be rightly concerned that police have been forced to seize increasing numbers of dangerous dogs in Wigan.

The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced to crack down on incidents of serious injury or death from attacks by aggressive and uncontrolled dogs, particularly on children.

But it is clear the law has not done enough to protect members of the public from out-of-control dogs.

High-profile cases, including toddler John Paul Massey who was mauled to death by a banned pit bull, highlight that many owners have not got the message about the dangers of these illegal mutts.

And the vicious attack on a young puppy called Cookie by a pack of lurchers in Leigh caused great upset for the owners who witnessed the incident. New powers to target thugs with out-of-control dogs will force owners to take responsibility for their pets. This should help reduce the great danger posed to the public by the irresponsible behaviour of some dog owners.